Others are Saying


“My friend Jay Dennis has a great and tender heart for ministry at its elemental and most human levels. May God bless his important and abiding work. May the healing and help Jay is offering be providentially restorative.”

Tim Goeglein, Vice President of External Relations

Focus on the Family

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“Pornography is not a harmless addiction. It is often a root that leads to broken marriages, child abuse, and physical harm — leaving a trail of victims in its wake. Dr. Jay Dennis’ One Million Men Porn Free is a wonderful ministry that seeks to set men (and women) free from the destruction of pornography. His heart for God and his desire to restore purity to men and women in the church drives Dr. Dennis’ vision of One Million Men Porn Free. And his call for One Million Women Praying to see the church porn free is one that we gainfully support.”

  —   Shari Rendall, Director of Legislation and Public Policy

Concerned Women for America


“I’m happy to endorse the Join 1 Million Men in the War Against Pornography series.  Pornography is an epidemic that has paralyzed many men from moving forward in a walk with God, and from serving as church leaders.  This aggressive project should raise the bar for countless men who have been caught in the web of pornography.  By God’s grace, it will help them find a Christ-centered repentance and transformation that will liberate and empower them, their families and churches.”

—    Randy Alcorn,  Author

‘The Purity Principle’ andHeaven’

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“Pornography is a cancer, destroying lives and ruining families.  Jay Dennis is a wise and careful surgeon, using the fine scalpel of God’s Word to help men gain victory over this moral disease.  It’s my hope that fully ‘one million men’ and even more will find hope and healing through this outstanding resource.”

—   Robert F. Schwarzwalder, Jr.
Senior Vice President

Family Research Council