For Pastors

“When asked to estimate the percentage of men in their congregations who view pornography on a weekly basis, 43 percent are unable or unwilling to respond.  Of those able and willing to estimate, a majority (62 percent) say less than 10 percent, 24 percent say 10-24 percent, 10 percent say 25-49 percent and 4 percent say 50 percent or more.”   (Baptist Press)

The issue of pornography is awkward and sensitive to broach with the people you lead.  One Million Men Porn Free materials come from the heart of a pastor who has addressed this subject with prayer, compassion, truth, and grace.

One Million Men Porn Free was developed by Pastor Jay Dennis, after seeing the devastating effects the lure of pornography had on his church.  His passion is to ensure that today’s church does not become like the church at Corinth – arrogant – ignoring the Pink Elephant in the pew.  He broached this sensitive subject with prayer, compassion, biblical truth and God’s amazing grace.

One Million Men Porn Free offers practical help to men who are struggling at any level of viewing pornography.  And help is offered to those who have the opportunity to minister to those who are struggling.  Additionally it will help fathers mentor sons.

This program also invites One Million Women to learn to support and pray for the men in their lives.  This is not a one-time quick-fix solution, but a process of breaking free and staying free – and showing women how to pray.

Your men will learn to identify triggers, build exits, stop believing Satan’s lies.  They will have access to our online study tools and be able to make a commitment to live a porn free life, by getting on The Wall.

This is not just another study, not just another book about overcoming the habit of using pornography from the heart of a pastor.  This is a game changer – a way for men to break free permanently from the bondage that has, for so long, rendered Christian men ineffective.  When men break free, revival happens.

Are you ready for revival?