One Million Women Praying

A praying woman can storm the gates of hell.  A praying woman can overcome a crisis at home and at church.  A praying woman can disable Satan’s weapon of pornography.

You can be One – One of One Million Women Warriors Praying for One Million Men to be Porn Free by clicking here and getting on the Women Warriors Wall.

Praying women throughout history have changed things!  There is no limit to what can be accomplished through a woman who commits to praying, specifically praying for the men in her life and her church.

There is a crisis looming in the church, in every church, and yes, your church. Satan is silently attacking the minds of Christian men with a weapon which threatens husbands, dads, fiancés, and even church leaders. That weapon is pornography. Why is it so lethal? Men are wired in such a way as to be affected by what they see. Pornography is easily available, affordable (much of it is free), anonymous (nobody has to know), and it is addictive by nature.

The average age of a male’s first exposure to pornography is age 11.  According to Baylor University’s Counseling Center – Four in every five Christians believe pornography to be morally unacceptable, yet these stories are not so far from those told by many Christians.  For a time Christians may escape the allure of pornography, but all too often the problem is as significant for Christians as non-Christians.  In fact, 47% of Christians admitted pornography was a major problem in their home in a survey conducted by Internet Filter Review.  Even more discouraging are the 53% of men belonging to the Christian group Promise Keepers who admit to visiting pornography sites every week.  Christians may claim a different standard, but they still struggle with the same pornographic issues.

Unfortunately, the situation is not much better among Christian pastors.  A survey of evangelical Protestant clergy conducted by The Leadership Survey in 2001 found  that 40% of those responding struggled with pornography.  Another survey in 2002 conducted by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church found that in the previous month, 30% of pastors had viewed pornography.

Apparently pornography does not show bias toward one’s religious affiliation or lack thereof.  Some positive statistical differences exist between Christians and non-Christians.  For example, Christians have a slightly later age of first exposure to pornography.   However, Christians still seem to have all the same issues with pornography non-Christians experience.

One Million Men Porn Free is a movement to challenge men in churches of all denominations to make a commitment to live a pornography-free life.  We are inviting men who have never looked at porn, and men who have, to make this commitment.

You can make the difference.  Click here to become One of One Million Women Warriors Praying for One Million Men in Churches all over the world to be Pornography Free. An army of praying women could turn the tide on the pornography crisis facing the church now and in the future.

Many church leaders and men in the church seem to be unwilling to address this issue. That is part of the method our enemy, Satan, uses to entrap men and make them feel they are the only one dealing with this temptation.

Will you do four things?

  1. Make a commitment and get on the Women Warriors Wall.  Commit to pray for One Million Christian Men to make a covenant with God to live a Porn Free life.
  2. Invite other women—wives, moms, friends to join this army of One Million Women Warriors.
  3. Ask your husband, your son, your fiancé to make the commitment to live a Porn Free life. Encourage them to put their names on The Wall.
  4. Invite your pastor or church leaders to challenge the men in your church to join the One Million Men Porn Free Movement.

Change can begin today as you beginning praying for One Million Men in Churches, Porn Free.