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 One Million Men in the War Against Pornography series

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Our app provides daily scripture delivery that helps you stay porn free and take captive your thoughts for Christ! Also featured are exclusive videos from the Our Hardcore Battle Plan DVD, an intro from Pastor Jay, exclusive sample content, and tools to help you win your battle against pornography.


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Our Hardcore Battle Plan A-Z Booklet

A church-based resource, “Our Hardcore Battle Plan A-Z” is a 32 page booklet that lays out 26 key principles from A-Z for pornography-free living. Each principle and scripture contains unique techniques to overcoming pornography by breaking habits. “Our Hardcore Battle Plan A-Z” delivers practical, concise, advice and tips.  Order now at



Our Hardcore Battle Plan: Joining in the War Against Pornography

“Our Hardcore Battle Plan” is a six-week study designed for church-based men’s ministry. This honest, practical, and direct format explores the scriptural basis for winning the battle against pornography while providing the atmosphere for honest, transparent, and accountable sharing.



Our Hardcore Battle Plan for Wives: Winning in the War Against Pornography

“Our Hardcore Battle Plan for Wives” is a resource for women who want to protect their marriage and keep their family porn free. Written out of the experience from years of counseling, this book provides practical advice and deals with issues that women have to encounter when pornography becomes an equation in their marriage.



Our Hardcore Battle Plan DVD

“Our Hardcore Battle Plan” Church DVD is the accompanying DVD to the 6-week study by the same name. Designed to be used in men’s ministry small-group settings, the DVD provides 7, 15-minute video segments that contain: Author introduction, Discussion starters, Personal testimonies, and Endorsements.



Our Hardcore Battle Plan: 1 Million Women Praying

“Our Hardcore Battle Plan: 1 Million Women Praying is a 32-page supplement resource for church-based ministry. Written in a concise A-to-Z format, this product provides specific prayers that support 26 key Biblical principles men need to live porn-free. Prayers are applicable to all relationships, including family, church, and friends. If 1 million women commit to pray in the war against pornography, the battle can be won!


menofvalorMen of Valor Podcast

Here is Pastor Jay’s discussion with Dr. Mark Laaser about how to introduce the discussion of porn to your men!